Austin ImageWorks includes many types of imaging professionals – photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and audio visual technicians – all working within a common vision of excellence.

Sherrie Austin

Sherrie Austin has been drawn to capturing images since childhood – starting with a 110 film camera out of a cereal box and a neighbor’s borrowed VHS camcorder. Since then, Austin has videotaped or photographed various independent and commercial productions, corporate events, documentaries, television shows, print ads, and over 400 weddings. As an undergraduate at Radford University in Virginia she co-created the first Student Produced Television show, ROC-TV.

That spirit of creativity and innovation is found at the core of Austin ImageWorks as a whole. As AIW continues to grow and expand we have an enormous sense of gratitude for being sought after to create our art and for the opportunities we have received to hone our skills and refine our craft.


Curator: One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially: one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit.

Susan brings her “curating” skills to the AIW zoo team in the form of “a good eye” and some mean omelet making skills.

The time she spends with Austin ImageWorks is filled with laughter and joy.

Though we have been at it for over 20 years, we at AIW feel we have only just begun to tap into our collective creative resources. It is an exciting time – and we invite you to share in it with us.

- Sherrie -
Austin Image Works