We are on a constant search for ways to Spread Joy in the world so we have launched our own Spread Joy Campaign.

On a daily basis we search for kindness and ways to express kindness – and we try to recognize those we see doing kind acts and to help others through our own actions. One of the ways we try to Spread Joy is by carrying flower Leis from Hawaii with us on every trip we take to honor the kindness we see in others with the Lei Of The Day and share the photos and stories of kindness here.

Our intention is to seek out and to practice kindness and our hope is to have you and everyone you know follow suit – to start looking for and honoring the kindness you see around you. Because guess what? What you look for is what you find...and what you think about tends to create itself in your life and in the lives you touch. So pass it around and send us your photos and stories to Spread Joy into every corner of the world.

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